Dudley  - Vintage Style Miniature Bear

Dudley - Vintage Style Miniature Bear

Dudley is a vintage style miniature bear, with traditional long limbs and slim body

He is created from dark blue coloured viscose and his tummy is filled with steel shot to give him weight and allow him to sit with ease. 

Dudley is approximately 5” tall (head to toe), he has teeny tiny ears, glass eyes and embroidered nose, mouth and claws. 

He has been shaded and trimmed with copic markers to give him an aged appearance. He is fully jointed, completely hand stitched and all the materials used to create him are vegan. 

He wears an aged mini key around his neck, has ‘fake’ stitches to his head to give the appearance he has been repaired.

He will come with a certificate of authenticity which includes his name and date of birth and has a custom Beary Tales wooden button stitched to his back. 

Dudley would be happiest living with adults as he is too fragile (and contains too many small parts) to be given to a child.